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Kaizania training has everything from the Agile Bootcamp to SAFe 4 certifications, from leadership to teams.

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We work with organisations that place a high value on the professional implementation of Lean and Agile principles. Our approach is designed to assist organisations transition from current processes toward Lean and Agile adoption with minimal disruption to the organisation as a whole.

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Change now and ask for forgiveness later

“I can’t handle this anymore, we have to change this….”

What exactly am I talking about? Standards. Stupid standards that make no sense.

Let’s back up a little.  I want to start by talking about well-intentioned individuals. Never mind well intentioned, well studied and high qualified people that have made decisions and put process and procedures in place that very honestly are the most absolutely absurd things you have ever encountered. Ringing a bell?

So what happened? Why did these obviously very intelligent people do such stupid things?  I hear myself and others asking this question all the time.

Should We Change The Agile Manifesto?

Is Agile is still Agile? That was the interesting topic for a panel discussion at Agile Europe in Gdansk last month. A great discussion ensued with a panel that included Ray Arell (formerly Intel), Hendrik Esser (Ericsson), Steve Holyer (independent Agile coach), Todd Little (IHS) and myself. In part 1 of this article I reviewed one huge conclusion: Perhaps the most important thing in Agile is not explicitly mentioned in the Agile Manifesto: the Agile mindset.

Agile Africa 2016

Kaizania is a proud sponsor of Agile Africa taking place on the 22nd and 23rd August with leading international and local speakers who will challenge us with the latest ideas in the Agile world, join us there.

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Lessons learnt implementing SAFe

SAFe is an excellent framework for bringing more agility to teams as is breaks through the glass ceiling between development teams and the rest of the business. This leads to improved delivery and less frustration at all levels of the organisation. Sounds amazing, but unfortunately it’s not all as easy as it sounds on paper. You can easily end up cargo culting or having bad scrum practices. Let me explain why.

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